Beyond Subject Matter

    At LearningSphere we also strongly believe that there is more to learning than just physics and chemistry. Individual learners are more likely to play their learning roles if they understand.

    And what about teaching principles of learning and expanding the curriculum to reflect the realities of this age? What's wrong with adding courses like Critical thinking, public speaking, financial intelligence, problem solving, project management etc?.

    Education With Vision

    We match present learning realities with future roles, thereby accelerating learning. This connection is vital and strongly and highly recommended. 
    Between Here and There is the T, time. There is no power in the present if it lacks hope of the future, and once that vital connection is made, learning becomes not just a reality, but fun.
    In this program, we help individual learners connect present day academic activities and processes with outcomes. We emphasize processes. They determine learning outcomes.

    Train The Teachers

    We have watched with keen interest the awesome difference training and retraining does to the learning experience. Communication skills, for instance can triple learning outcomes. If this is true, then learning is impeded by poor communication skills.
    Our aim is simple!

    Reclaiming the academic landscape.

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