Beyond Subject Matter

    Education in Nigeria and other countries in Africa is getting redefined. The difference between schooling and education is increasingly becoming glaring. while the goal of schooling is education, it often misses the mark, leaving us with half baked, unemployable graduates. Schooling certifies with attendant certificates, but leaves the brains empty.

    Education is not schooling. Education is self development, the refining of the human faculties. These includes the mind, will and emotions. Education teaches you not just what to think but how to think.

    This is why LearningSphere developed the program Beyond Subject Matter. BSM is a proposal to schools and school owners to go beyond rote learning and accommodate present day realities. the world has gone past the era when education prepared people for public service. Here are some more proposals and we urge you to thoughtfully consider them.

    Industry requirements should be considered in curriculum development. Quality education eliminates the unnecessary dichotomy between School content and industry requirement.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong in expanding your content to include Critical Thinking, Public Speaking, Financial intelligence, Life skills etc 

    In addition to Subject Matter, students need to be exposed to the principles of learning itself. Students deed to learn how to learn. We can help your school go Beyond Subject Matter.

    Schools that refuse to make these and more amendments soon will sooner or later face the inevitable wind of change.


    To train or not to train teachers

    The importance of training and retraining our teachers cannot really be over-emphasized. The capacity of our teachers is critical to learning. This is why groups like Proprietors Association of Private Schools in their last workshop where LearningSphere facilitated, sought for further collaboration to ensure that their teachers are given the training they need to function optimally.

    It is sad to note that many School owners consider the training of teachers a waste of funds and other resources. It is important to note that no teacher can operate above what he or she knows. knowledge regulates performance. School budget should therefore accommodate training as a significant part of the expenditure. Teachers are by default ambassadors of the schools they work for. Investing on the training and development of your teachers may seem costly at the moment, but the immediate and overall dividends are sure.

    And why train someone who might leave your school anytime? What if they don't leave as soon as you envisage? Your school becomes the theater of ignorance and quackery. 

    And guess what? It doesn't cost an arm and leg. We are currently developing an MOU with PAPS Enugu State which reduces the cost drastically.